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Aurora Crate Book Box

May Romantasy - Rebecca L. Garcia Box

May Romantasy - Rebecca L. Garcia Box

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Our May Romantasy box featuring Rebecca L. Garcia is here!

This box will feature a special and limited hardcover edition of Night of Death and Flowers including:

-New exclusive dust jacket design

-New hardcover design

-Illustrated endpapers

-Gorgeous foil details

-Digitally sprayed edges

-SIGNED bookplate

We are also excited to announce that our edition will feature an exclusive deleted *spicy* scene! 


Also included with the box:

- Art Print

- Bookmark

- Sticker

+ A Bonus art print will be included while supplies last! (This one is limited so it may run out.)

The images show a digital mock-up of the book and designs may vary in the final printed product.

It's possible to purchase 2 books/order.

Cancellations: Since this is a special made and limited item, cancellations are only allowed WITHIN 24 HOURS of placing your order, after that time all sales are final. To proceed with a cancellation please contact us at with the subject: CANCEL.

Please note: This box is a one-time purchase and a pre-order. Shipping is estimated to start in October 2024.

If your country isn't available during check-out, please contact us using the contact form or at: and we will help you.




Some fates are carved in stone. Others are created with blood.

For most people, Dahryst is a haven for witches, safeguarded by the gods from the human pursuers. But, for Calista, her home is a perilous place.

Wielding a power reserved for the God of Death alone, she must conceal her ability or perish.

However, when she decides to stop the Harvest—a tournament to the death set on the sacred ground of Tenenocti Island—she risks not only revealing the truth and becoming targeted by the elders, but also putting her best friend's life in jeopardy.

When Azkiel, the God of Death returns, after being absent for over a century, an  ancient prophecy is unveiled, foretelling his downfall at the hands of Calista. But when secrets unfold, the God of Death is force to forge an alliance with Calista, further intertwining their fates.

Will she be able to resist the darkness in her veins, unveil the ancient mysteries shrouding her, and stop a vengeful god to save herself and her loved ones? Or will the journey lead her to pay the ultimate price and lose everything she holds close?

Night of Death and Flowers is a dark fantasy romance that combines dark magic, fate, romance, and survival. In a world where every action can tip the scales, will they fall into salvation or ruin?



- Villain gets the girl

- Deadly tournament

- Enemies to lovers

- Gods & witches

- Themes of sacrifice & rebellion

- Broken family

- Badass FMC

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